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Slow uploads. Is it just me?


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  • 2 years later...

I’ve got slow internet so I wouldn’t really notice whether it was Fiverr or my wonderfully inadequate ISP.

I wanted to ask if anyone else was having “technical issues” with their inbox. Mine keeps disappearing for five minutes with that reason given. It’s a little irritating, especially as these technical issues also involve the stupid countdown clock not clearing after initial response, which of course means my rate is all over the place. Is there any point complaining to CS?

Of course, I’m delighted that the forum downvote button is clearly the top priority for Fiverr HQ over such core features as attachments and functional inboxes.

Sort it aht, Fiverr.

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Inbox issues yes, but of a different variety than yours.
Some messages dissapear completely, and a few times things I´d typed and sent, or had thought had been sent, never showed up in the inbox they should have gone to. One time I typed the same text, or short variations of it, 4 times until it finally sent, hoping the recipient won´t suddenly get 4x almost but not quite the same text.

My response rate fell from 100 to 86% some day all of a sudden, and has ever since stayed like that, no matter what I did or didn´t do…until just now, I checked so I won´t lie to you and it´s on 87 now lol I´ve seen that 86 for over 3 weeks now I think, almost my whole time here either way, nice to see another number for once, if not a much better one.

We could suggest a downvote button for the response rate?

My internet is pretty fast usually, my laptop too, the fiverr forum not.

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This is what I pay German Telekom for:
up to 50 MBit/s Download and up to 10 MBit/s Upload

and this is what a current speed test says (it´s business hours in Germany though now, so slower than usual):
14,23 Mbit/s download, 1,39 upload, 14 ms Ping

I´ve been wanting to change providers since years, but it´s not possible to get the one I want in my street.

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Windows 10 Chrome 54.0 (I use edge and a privacy concerned browser too, but for this here always chrome, as CS told me a few times already, that fiverr is optimized for Chrome ;))
There´s one site I often use, which has slow-issues too, but that´s to-be-expected behaviour for that one, else it´s fine, no chance to do stuff while waiting for pages to load.

Posting on the forum here takes really long for my tastes, but that might be due to the general still ongoing forum troubles I guess, or has it always been like that? Can only know from October on myself.

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Ouch! That’s a big disparity in stated speed vs actual speed.
Did you use speedtest.net?

A lot of people do not realize that when you are sending messages or uploading files, upload speed essential.

I have a 10Mbps Up/Down fiber connection and speedtest.net shows it at exactly that.
To my surprise never expected Bangladesh to have such awesome net service.

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I used 3 different speed tests, they differ a bit, but not much.
And it´s a sad truth that a country like Germany with it´s mighty Telekom is far behind a lot of countries you´d expect to be far behind.

But it´s this forum generally, often it takes ‘ages’ to load pages/post comments, then again it´s lightning fast, no idea.

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I use a multitude of browsers, and I would recommend others do the same.

For the Forum:
I use internet explorer. Apparently the “Search” function works on IE only.

Fiverr Main Site:
I use 64bit Mozilla Firefox based browser called: Waterfox.
This makes the browser really fast since most processors are now 64bit.

For Clients:
I use Opera

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I´m sticking to Chrome mostly, as I´m usually logged in my gmail, drive, youtube all the time, and don´t like bookmarks and everything scattered about. I like Opera for it´s looks and ‘sprits’, I never really used IE, just nowadays edge sometimes as it gets called up by some things as default, and search works for me on Chrome too, I used to use Firefox always before Chrome, but chrome is faster for me. Didn´t know though that there are browsers specifically for 64bit though.
I use epic often too, like that one, but for workflow and everything Chrome works best for me.

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