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I am new seller what can I do to get order.


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@mdnurnabi_seo  So if you're a digital marketer and you're unable to grow your business, how can you justify taking a customers money and doing the same for them?  You even have a Facebook gig where you claim to be able to get organic growth, why aren't you doing this for yourself?

Secondly, if you're providing a backlinking service, there is no way that people will pay just $20 for 200 high authority backlinks.  Even if they're good quality, for that price customers will think they are toxic and avoid you.  The most successful freelancers in this field are charging 10, sometimes 20 times your price because they know that what they do comes at a premium.  

So you're left with 2 options.  Raise your prices in line with your high performing peers, and show that your backlinks are worth the money.  Or do nothing.  But be warned, your type of service (as you know) has a lasting effect on peoples websites and businesses.  If you're not able to deliver a service that exactly matches your description, and the domain authority isn't in line with your gig, then you're likely to get very poor reviews and very angry customers. 

Hope this helps?

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Hi mdnurnabi

Welcome to fiverr, ! Although I am a level 2 seller, I am new to fiverr forum. But I can assist you with this. For the first week, try to use the fiverr mobile app and when you have time constantly check the app. Do not kill the app when you exit from it. This helps you to be online 24 hours. It may give you an exposure to the buyrs, and make sure you answer for a message, as soon as possible. Try this for a few weeks and let me know. Good Luck

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40 minutes ago, amerul_islam said:

The more active you are on Fiverr, the higher your impressions will be.

nah. I've been sick the last few days, barely was on Fiverr, and I had way more impressions and messages. Gig performance, buyer satisfaction rate, those are the things that matter. Stop overthinking it and work on generating sales and keeping buyers happy.

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1 hour ago, mdnurnabi_seo said:

I'm a new saller. could you please let me know if there are any mistakes in my gig?

Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/s/glZkXL


thank you so much💖💖💖

Try to set a close up profile picture. Current profile picture not professional.

Overall decent all gigs, try to improve gig description and Images.

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