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Can i add my old payoneer to my new fiverr account?



please read carefully as i have some confusing issue regarding my old payoneer and new fiverr account

I used to have a Fiverr account, which is now deleted because i lost the email. I used my Payoneer account for transactions, but since the Fiverr account was deleted, my Payoneer account has also been deactivated. Now, I am currently using my new Fiverr account and want to withdraw money. However, I only have one Payoneer account, and I can't decide whether I should make transactions to that old Payoneer account, as it is stated in Fiverr's Terms of Service that they will terminate accounts in such situations. I have contacted the Payoneer support team to request the removal of my old Fiverr account from my Payoneer account, but I am still unsure whether I should connect my new Fiverr account to my Payoneer.

Kindly answer asap


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