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Low conversion rate


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Hi everyone!
I'm facing a problem with a low conversion rate.
For the last 7 days one of my gigs got 65 clicks while there are only 2 orders placed for that time.
These orders were placed by the clients I've already been working with previously, so basically I got 0 orders from 65 clicks.
I'm not really good at understanding gig statistics, but this gig performance doesn't seem to be normal.
I've tried to find my gig using incognito mode, and it appears on the 2nd page, which is really good.
I get a good amount of impressions, clicks, but I don't receive orders (and almost no new messages) from the new clients.
I have also turned promotion gigs on, it didn't help though.
Is there anything wrong with my gig that I can't see myself?
Any feedback would be appreciated!

Link to the gig:


gaming video editing gig.png

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