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What should I do to improve impressions as well as clicks?



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18 minutes ago, waregram said:

Hi, I have improved SEO and edited attractive gig images to my knowledge, can anyone please check these and review my profile? What should I do to get more clicks and orders?

Getting orders on Fiverr can be competitive, but there are several strategies you can use to increase your chances of attracting clients to get new orders. Here are some tips to help you get new orders:

  • - Create a good look Professional Profile
  • - Choose the Right Gig Categories and subcategories
  • - Offer and commit to delivering High-Quality Services
  • - Set Competitive Prices to attract buyers
  • - Create Eye-Catching Gig Images and showcase portfolio on profile
  • - Optimize Gig Titles, Tags, and Keywords
  • - Promote Gig on Social Media

Remember Fiverr is a highly competitive platform and that success on Fiverr may not happen overnight. Building a strong reputation and client base can take time and consistent effort.

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First of all, you should follow PRO, Top Rated, Level-2 Seller. Research on their Gigs. Follow them on Fiverr Forum. You can get good Idiea from the Post of a TRS here: https://community.fiverr.com/profile/701367-filipdevaere/


Besides, try to Implement the following:

1. Craft a compelling headline using competitive keywords. Remember, where there's competition, there are opportunities for work as well.

2. Provide Five+ relevant Tags keywords.

3. To achieve more clicks, you should enhance the quality of your gig image. Research top-rated, Pro and level-2 seller Gigs. It is highly recommended to make your Gigs by a quality Graphic designer. Gigs are a lifetime investment. So give it much priority.

4. Try to make eye-catching High-quality Gig Image: 4000 x 2416 pixels at 72 DPI or 1280 x 769 pixels.

5. You could upload three gigs and ensure effective SEO optimization.

6. Provide Competitive packages of your work.

7. Increase your Response Time and ensure quick delivery time. you may try to give enough time So that you have a quick Response Rate/Time if got any buyer messages or order.

8. Warning?? “Staying active or being online does not help you at all This myth is spread by sellers who lack knowledge about how Fiverr works”-by Top rated seller www.fiverr.com/filipdevaere.


9.  Gig marketing in social media platforms.

10. Make continuous improvement of your Gig.

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Brother I've taken a look on your fiverr gig. Your gig image doesn't meet the standard. Search the the niche you are working on fiverr and you will find a lot of seller. Take a look on their gigs you will understand what you lacks your gig. Make a good attractive gig image. Now come the gig video. You will find on fiverr itself says gig video can bring up 70% gig impression if your video is standard. If possible try to make a good gig video showing your face. It will help you to catch buyer attentions and trust. Explain your working strategies on video and your service as a new seller it will help to the buyer to keep faith on you. Next the pdf file.. Try to convert your portfolio on pdf then add it on fiverr. If possible add 2 pdf one is for portfolio another you can use to explain your service. 
As you are a new seller You might not have a portfolio. In that case download wordpress on your pc and customise few websites. Take the screenshot of those website and use them as your portfolio. I'll highly recommend you to not skip any features of fiverr. And Following all these steps the thing you need to do is Stay active as much as you can. Don't just turn your pc on. Go to fiverr and browse more and more. so that fiverr algorithm marks you active. And also stay active in forum, And the final step is patience. Keep patience. For spending your time you can open fiverr support ticket for help asking about gig ranking, They will give you further instruction, read the article they provide and follow them

Thank You.
Follow me It's possible I'll help you more

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