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Just reached my first 100$ on Fiverr!


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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share my happiness with you all, hoping that newcomers will see that with patience and hard work you can really grow here on Fiverr!

I had the account done more than one year ago, but I was always thinking that between this many good designers, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Finally 2 months ago, when I became unemployed I decided that I have to do something, so I started to read everything about this great Fiverr community, and posted my first gig, It took me 5 days to actually publish it!! But I did it, and then another… and another.

One day… I got an email, for my first order, I was so happy, After that, a few orders for that first gig and the second one got me to Level 1 & a few awesome, repeat buyers got me to my first 100$.

I must say the video part of the gig and twitter promotion really helped me! And if I may offer a small advice, always be polite and ask questions about the order, good communication was very important so far!

Hope to reach Level 2 soon!

Goodluck to us all!

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Cool. Congratz and good luck. Keep at it.

I’m quite new here myself. I’m currently in a tough situation financially (next to no income) for these last few years and struggling to get back on my feet. After occasionally lurking around this site for the past couple of months, I finally decided to go ahead post up a few Gigs that I would be able to do.

No customers yet, but like I mentioned I’m new here so I imagine it will take some time before I get any orders.

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Guest flairity

Hey! Congratulations! I joined Fiverr about the same time you did and also reached my first 100. I’m glad sites like this are helping out cool cats like you! B-)

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