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how to get my first order?


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@tahbibul_hasan @abddullah_jisan  Providing advice when you have zero orders means that you have no way of validating what you're saying is correct.  Before providing guidance, at least have some experience of working on the platform first. 


@ringki_vo_pro  Firstly, I may be wrong, but I think your gig is in the wrong category? You're selling your an AI gig within the 'genuine' voice over 'artists'. 

Also, I feel your gig is very misleading.  You're implying that you can influence the output of the AI voiceover to suit the customers needs, when every example you provide in your gig description has the same voice, tone and pitch.

I would also be very careful about charging people for commercial rights on an AI driven gig?  You don't own the rights to that voice, so why are you charging customers for it. 


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