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Fiverr Chat Feature

Guest roomiprogrammer

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Guest roomiprogrammer

Hello, first I think I should introduce myself well my name is Sohaib Ilyas (Roomi) and I am using Fiverr for last couple of months I have registered on this great website for about 2 years but seriously I always hated Fiverr because I never knew what is this website? And how can we use this website to earn extra money 🙂 well I hope for the best.

But the purpose of this discussion is that I want to see Fiverr Chat Feature so that buyers and sellers can talk to each other easily seriously the Fiverr message feature sucks :3 So please Fiverr development team should consider this advice and start working on this because it will help many users to not to share s***e IDs so that they could chat easily than Fiverr 😃



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