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This Is Getting Frustrating...lol


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I've had two Zoom meetings and exchanged two emails with my Seller Plus Success Manager. 

Each time, I've learned something new and have followed the suggestions on optimizing my gigs.

I've changed keywords, thumbnails, gig descriptions, pricing, etc.

I'm still seeing less than 20 impressions daily on any of my gigs. Usually they don't get past double digits.

I'm using logic here, if your gig is virtually invisable, you aren't going to get many (if any) orders.

Oh, well. 


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Well simply put that is what happens when we put control in hand of machine instead of humans.The human understands your situation and wants to help but the software does not and refuses, common sense is what softwares don't have and today they override every one as company owners trust software more then humans.

So here is an interesting story, I had to change my name in an id , now I took my graduation certificate and asked the person at kiosk to change it, he said he will need an id with my pic, I said my id with pic was generated with this degree itself, and it was wrong , so none of my ids that have pic have the correct name.

Now the software just does not allow to change he says as it is asking for an id with pic, you see the person wants to help but the software fails them.

So I guess you can just wait or hope some one fixes this glitch in the all and powerful software.

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