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How can I get the first order ?


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Check your GIG for SEO and make a engaging gig video. GIG Image and the GIG videos are the first impression your customers see. So you have to make a strong contact using a proper hook. 

For the first few order you can increase your GIGs visibility by staying online as much as possible. Then you can stay in the filter of "Online Sellers". 


Always try to fill a market gap than just publishing a gig. Try to give a good discount for buyers who message you with their requirement. You have to learn more related subjects to your subject. 

As an example,

If you are making videos, you should have a basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Copyright Policies of Background music. If your target audience is youtube content creators, you need to have some knowledge about youtube. 

I made my first orders for very low cost and now I'm talking with my buyers and making custom orders with higher prices. I have completed my level 1 requirements in 2 months. 

Try your best. Consider quality over quantity.

Wish you all the best. Don't give up.

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