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Fiverr new rules for musician seller gigs (30 sec basic package)


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Hi everyone. I am running a music gig, more specifically I sell drum tracks for songs. So Fiverr recently prompted me to revise my Gig and make MANDATORY changes under the penalty of having my visibility decreased. So, it basically forced me to offer a basic package comprising of 30 secs of tracks, to wich I have absolutely no interest in offering, nor does it have demand by any buyer whatsoever. It only creates confusion, as either I have a high priced 30 sec gig, or I have a adequate priced gig for 30 secs that ppl will mistakingly purchase as a "normal" 3 min song. That leads to having to inform the client that, oh well you have to pay alot more cuz it´s a 4 min song - since no one hardly really uses the "insert how many seconds the song has" feature, in my experience. 
 I tried to reverse this but now that number is blocked, contacted service and they tell me that´s a staple rule as of now. 
Anyone else aggravated by this? Should not fiverr allow buyers to just create their gig specifics? 


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