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Any tips or help on how I can improve or get more orders ?


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Hello, I've been a seller since 2020 and I've created up to 7 gigs on the account.


I've had trouble getting orders and I've tried paid promotion, organic promotion, paying by commission for sales, creating a portfolio website and resume. I only got 3-4 orders since I started, even though I have 2 reviews with 5 stars and worked on a good profile description with fair prices. 

should I choose better tags and work more on SEO ? should I try to pay for promotions directly by Fiverr ? should I rewrite my descriptions, title and provide better gig pictures ? is there a place where I can get clients where there would be less competition ? ...

I have so many questions and so much to learn, I think I might need tips or opinions from other sellers on what I can improve or change on fiverr, my portfolio website or my resume to attract more clients.


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