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Payoneer account with Fiverr



Hello, I hope you are doing well.

I have a question but before it, I want to explain to you my problem.

One of my family member, used a Fiverr account and added it to a Payoneer account for funds withdrawal. Once a time unfortunately his Fiverr account was disabled. Then he was contacted by a Payoneer support member about his Payoneer account unlinking from Fiverr. Payoneer customer support member told to him- We cannot unlink your Payoneer account from the disabled Fiverr account but now your Fiverr system is inactive. Now you can add your Payoneer account with any new Fiverr account and you can withdraw funds from Fiverr.


So now my question:

May I use this Payoneer account for a new Fiverr account and can I withdraw funds from Fiverr? Will Fiverr allow it without any problem or disable problem?


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Doesn't make any sense to use that account and no, it is absolutely not allowed.

As you said the disabled FIverr account belonged to one of your family members (let's say your brother) and he had a Payoneer account linked to that disabled FIverr account. Then, why in this world, would you want to use your brother's Payoneer account with your new personal Fiverr account? What is the reason for not using your identity?

(Is this because you were the owner of the disabled Fiverr account and are now trying to create a new account by hiding your identity.....Apart from this I can't think of any other reason).

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