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Fiverr Update: Gig® metadata


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I just came to know that Fiverr is thinking about bringing up a new feature called Gig® metadata. This is something about structured gig description and gig extras. This feature will let the buyers find the specific gig they are looking for more easily.

Our knowledgeable Fiverr editors are currently researching and collecting data on this. I think this feature will be great for both buyers and sellers. But some things must be considered before advancing.

First, there are some uncommon gigs in every sub-categories. For example, quite a few people do ebook formatting in Ebook Cover and Packages subcategory.

So ebook formatting should also be considered as the gig type in this subcategory.

Second, more file formats should be included in the file format list. For example, eBook formatters deliver their file as word doc, mobi, epub, and so on.

I think you guys also have some thoughts on this occasion. So please share.

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