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Seeking Tech Insights: How Can I Get Instant Windows/Android Notifications for New Fiverr Messages or Orders?


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Hello, talented Fiverr community,

I'm contacting our tech-savvy members, especially those with development experience, to help me address a pressing need.

As an active seller on Fiverr, I frequently check my emails and Fiverr account for messages from potential clients or notifications about new orders. It's time-consuming and often disrupts my work rhythm. Instead, I want real-time notifications directly on my Windows desktop and Android device whenever there's a new message or order on Fiverr. I've heard of solutions like IFTTT, Pushbullet, and similar tools, but I'm unsure how to set them up specifically for this need or if there's a better way.


  1. Can I set direct notifications to a Windows PC when I get a new Fiverr message or order? Preferably without having to keep an email client open constantly.
  2. How can I get instant notifications on an Android device beyond the basic notifications from the Fiverr app? I'm looking for something to grab my attention and ensure I don't miss it.
  3. Are there any third-party solutions or scripts that can be integrated with Fiverr's API or notification system?

I'd be immensely grateful for any guidance, sample scripts, app suggestions, or general advice on streamlining this process. The ultimate goal is to enhance my response time, be more efficient, and improve the service experience for my clients.

Thank you for your insights and help!


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