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Holy Cowabunga! Just became a Level One seller :)


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Dear all, just now I had the opportunity of becoming a level 1 seller :-bd 🙂

I’m really happy and seriously felt the need of publishing it here to share my happiness with all of you 😃

Within 1 month I had done 62 orders and it shows my world domination is 7%. 62 orders in the first month may not be a big deal for everyone, yet it is a great achievement for me :)>-

Those who are new to Fiverr, all I got to say is be genuine and consider the clients as the most important resource. Always try to do something to satisfy your clients fulfilling their needs, not just try and increase your revenue [-X

And for those who are currently in the level 2 state, guys wait for me, I will be there soon :D/

Cheers :-h

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