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Gig portfolio?


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I’m pretty new to fiverr, and I was wondering how I could add some of the voice overs that I’ve completed for clients onto my “gig portfolio”? I’ve seen on a few other voice artist’s profiles that they have a clip and the review that they’ve been left underneath. Any ideas how I can do this?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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I started (with my last delivered order) to add a video to the normal order.

I added it so I could add the video as a sample to my portfolio and potential buyers could have a look on my work.

So this is a little “workaround” (I really don´t know why you can add video and pictures but no sound) that should help you.

You can create a little video with many free programs like “Movie Maker” (or better ones) - just add a little text or some fitting pictures to it and put your voice over file over the video and save it.

Happy fiverr´ing 😉

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OK thanks for the comments. So… I should just put on a type of cover image to the sound file to make a basic video, deliver it with the order then I can have it on my portfolio?

How about work that I already have done? I was sent a link from one of my clients to a YouTube video… can I add YouTube links, or would he have to send me the actual video file?

Thanking you all!

P.S: only 2 days till I reach level 1!!! 😃

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