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What Factors Depends on Fiverr Gig Rank?



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You must be Professional and unique to get ranked in Fiverr


You must keep in mind the following points at every gig before publishing.

  • Optimize your gig title and description
  • The category and sub-category must be selected correctly
  • The keyword must be research
  • The description must be SEO-friendly
  • A Professional-quality image must be used

If you publish a gig by following the above, your gig will definitely rank.


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The most important thing is that you need to be the best at what you do to be successful. You have to work hard for your continuous development. Sometime you need to take paid courses as well.

Many new sellers may not be aware of "Buyer Satisfaction Rate," or BSR. It is very much important for Ranking and getting orders.

To increase BSR follow the instructions of Top rated seller mentioned above.

Implement the followings:

1. Craft a compelling headline using competitive keywords. Remember, where there's competition, there are opportunities for work as well.

2. Provide Five+ relevant Tags keywords.

3. To achieve more clicks, you should enhance the quality of your gig image.

4. Try to make eye-catching High-quality Image: 4000 x 2416 pixels at 72 DPI or 1280 x 769 pixels.

5. You could upload three gigs and ensure effective SEO optimization.

6. Provide Competitive packages

7. Increase your Response Time and ensure quick delivery time.

8. Give 15 hours+ time in Fiverr with continuous refreshing of the page manually.

9.  Gig marketing in social media platforms.

10. Make continuous improvement of your Gig.

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17 minutes ago, ppc_genious said:

I heard it form Local Level-2 seller. But to me you are correct although "Harsh". Dont say Truth is Hursh. Thanks.

You heard it from your local seller but @filipdevaere is a TRS / Fiverr Pro Seller. Who would you believe the most? Level 2 Seller or TRS/Fiverr Pro Seller? 

Also, he is right that you are speading non-sense because it's a truth that staying active all the time is useless and it does not help you with anything else so trust the experienced sellers.

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Fiverr's algorithm determines gig rank based on factors like relevance to user search queries, click-through rate, conversion rate, order completion rate, response time, ratings and reviews, gig performance, gig completeness, Fiverr level, and Pro status, engagement with buyers, Fiverr promoted gigs and seasonal trends. It's dynamic and evolves over time. Maintain quality, provide excellent customer support, and stay updated with policies and best practices to improve and maintain gig rank.

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