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Do not Open Any Zip Files without checking it.


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Today I'm giving some advice to all fiverr new sellers. Nowadays you guys face lots of fake clients who are sending you some links or telegram group links or zip files. You need to avoid clicking that link or files without proper analysis. coz they are adding some malware on the files and the links. when you click the link you will be hacked and hackers can easily hack your browser cooking. so be careful and check properly. and now a day's most of the clients send zip files to check it. and tell us they are facing some issues on their website or computer and the files are in the zip formated. if you download the files you must scan the files from Virus Total. if the files do not show a virus. then you can easily be hacked. they can control your PC and everything. A huge amount of people got hacked because of this type of fake buyer. So Be careful. 

Happy Freelancing.
thanks 😍

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