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Have you taken Fiverr Plus?



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Seller Plus is not for everyone. Get it only if you want those features. Don't expect ranking or any benefits related to exposure. It just gives you access to more tools, and with Premium you also receive some guidance from Fiverr staff. Great for newcomers that have no idea what to do and how to sell, not that great or even useless for people with lots of experience on the platform. I have it, I find it useful, but then again I was lucky enough to get it since the beginning when it had a discount. Depending on your earnings and how long your Fiverr tenure was until now, it might be worth it, but it's definitely not something every seller should get. I saw some people asking if they should get this if they have no sales... maybe invest a month to talk with someone from Fiverr and receive guidance, but don't expect sales from it. 

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