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My gig is not ranking


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6 minutes ago, mdoliullah827 said:

I am a graphic designer. I have created an account on Fiber for the past four months.But my click impressions are not increasing.I am regularly active every day.What can be done now if you give some advice.

First of all, it is Fiverr.. Not Fiber..

  • "I will sant 3000 christmas ready coloring page with fast delivery" > What does it means "sant" ?
  • Improve your gig descriptions (of all gigs)
  • You have mentioned these " Background removal, T-shirt designs" in your profile description, but I cannot see their gigs? Why?
  • Your main focus is only Christmas theme.. That might be the reason that no one is interested in it these days. It might work well in the months of November and December.
  • "I will create an awesome find the different book for your children" > Please elaborate this gig title. What does it means? It is illogical.. 
  • Staying online/active all the time won't do anything good so it is useless. 
  • If your clicks and impressions are not improving then optimize your gig gallery and gig descriptions further.
  • Do some research on Fiverr regarding your niche and observe how other sellers are providing their services (Note: Just observe.. avoid copying them).
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