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Help with Partial Refund Request


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Hi, Folks:

I had a client place an order that included expedited delivery. The order didn’t show up in my queue after he placed it (it wasn’t a matter of him not activating it–it was there at all). I sent a message to CS (who didn’t reply in time anyway) and kept checking. Finally, a few days after this client placed the order, it showed up in my “active” orders queue (but wasn’t activated).

I completed the work for him within three days (my standard expedited timeframe) but since the order in his mind was already “late” (since he paid for it about a week before he received it), he’s asking for a refund of the extra fast fee.

I’m at a loss as to what to do. I offered to cancel the order and sent him that request before I finished the project for him, but he declined because he wanted to work together. I told him it is out of my hands and that I don’t have access to paypal payments or the ability to issue partial refunds.

Any advice?

Much thanks,


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Yeah–I knew about the no partial refund deal–told him that but I’m not sure if he’s understanding exactly what went wrong. I’m not willing to risk having him not re-order the gig since he’s got all the original work (I had delivered to him and wasn’t expecting this hiccup!). Good idea to tell him about the refund being sent as a credit. Thanks! 🙂

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