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Blurry delivery image in gallery when others are fine?



Hi there! Thanks in advance for your help.

I just completed my first order. The three gig images I have up that I had uploaded to market my gig are showing up crisp and well-defined, but the delivery image I uploaded for the order that has been completed is showing up incredibly blurry in the gallery, despite being the exact same dimensions, resolution and file type as the other images.

As a designer, this seems like a huge issue for anyone looking through my gig.

See the two images below (Connected, Jiu Jitsu). These are crisp when maximised in the gallery. The image for the completed order (econevo) is blurry.



Now, the logo for 'econevo' which is showing blurry. These are all full-size screenshots from my gig's gallery. Same dimensions.


Why has this happened? Why are they showing so differently when everything else is the same?

Thank you again!

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