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I can't find a real buyer, Can you help me?


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A couple of your gig titles could be changed. eg.

Gig: I will your gateway to exceptional translations - that doesn't sound totally right as a sentence.

For some reason that gig is not showing the full gig description - it stops after "to delivering the".

Gig: I will your gatawey to exceptional translations - that gig seems almost the same as the above one for the title, but with a spelling issue. So I'd change that title and also make the gigs unique.

That gig image has a gig image that says "FLAWIESS" - maybe that could be changed if you didn't mean that.

The main gig image/thumbnails for the translations gigs don't clearly show that you are offering translation (and to which languages).
In the gig video for "I will your gateway to exceptional translations" the text says "only trough the Fiverr platform" - I'd change that
That video also says "Of curse" - so that could be changed too

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To find real buyers on Fiverr:

Optimize your gig: Make your gig clear and appealing.

Promote your gig: Share it on social media and among friends.

Provide excellent service: Impress clients to earn positive reviews.

Be patient: Building a client base takes time and persistence.

Adhere to Fiverr's policies: Follow the platform's rules to maintain a good reputation.

These steps should help you attract genuine buyers to your Fiverr gigs.

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