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New to Fiverr and I need your feedback on my first offer.


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Hello everyone,

I'm delighted to join this forum and connect with all of you! 😃 It's my first time here, so please bear with me.

I've recently made the decision to start on a new career path, and a significant part of it involves utilizing Fiverr. To give you a bit of background, I've been deeply involved in corporate communication for many years—back in the days when Gmail and Google were not existing 🤭

I'm reaching out to you because, since registering on Fiverr, I've encountered some strange messages from potential buyers, and I'm hoping to gain some insights from this community. Given my limited experience on the platform, any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

My first encounter on Fiverr was with a recruiter representing a freelancing platform for translators, writers, and more. I responded to their message within 4 hours, but to my surprise, I never received a follow-up. Initially, they provided me with a PDF containing instructions to contact someone outside the Fiverr platform (perhaps my eagerness to respond led to a mistake on my part). We then exchanged a few emails. However, I became increasingly suspicious due to the absence of any mention of a company name, address or name in their correspondence. Furthermore, their contact email was a generic Gmail address. What raised additional red flags was their apparent eagerness to bring me on board without requesting much information about my previous work. Eventually, I received an offer outside Fiverr quoting a price of $1200 USD for a task that, in my opinion, doesn't warrant such a fee based on the job description.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this situation. Is this a typical way of operating on Fiverr? Have any of you experienced similar scenarios?

Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance.

Best regards to all! 😊

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