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AI Webinar for Video Animation Freelancers - September 6th


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Hi everyone,

You're all welcome to join us in our next AI webinar, which will be held tomorrow (September 6th):

"Get the AI advantage"

As a video expert, you’ve probably got a lot of pretty cool tech toys. 

We think it’s time to add some bots to your collection. 

Tune into our webinar at 10:00 AM ET on September 6 to learn about Fiverr’s community guidelines regarding the use of AI,

see in-depth demonstrations of some of the leading AI tools, and discover all the ways AI can amp up your career. 

Our speakers - Maya Ofer, Fiverr’s Video & Animation Vertical Manager, Martin Haerlin, an AI-Powered Director,

and Daria Rosenberg, Fiverr’s Trust and Safety Policy Team Leader - are ready for you.

Register now.

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Thanks a lot. I've got it now. It was showing a lot less to me because I wasn't logged in to the main Fiverr site on this browser, so it was showing me 19 of the webinars but logged in to Fiverr it shows me 23 of them on that page, with the AI Advantage one. So I got it through your link which required the log in, thanks.

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