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I am new to fiverr, please help me


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50 minutes ago, designermithun said:

I am new to fiverr, I have been online for about 2-4 months but my gig doesn't get impressions and clicks don't come, I don't get orders, Can someone help me so that I get orders, Thank you all.

You should seo you gig image and also do some minor edit in your gig. I hope that can bring some impression & clicks.. When i published my first gig after one day , I got 100 impression.. 

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My fiverr account is very old, I used to work but for some reason I stopped working and deleted all the gigs in my account, now again I added seven gigs to that old account, now I am not getting work, now what are the rules to work on fiverr  can be found.  One last thing I would like to say is there is any kind of problem with this account, Thanks.

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