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If I ask for a Video testimonials from a client, Will It violate fiverr tos ?



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 Fiverr's Terms of Service (ToS) prohibited certain actions related to testimonials and reviews. However, platform policies can change over time, so it's essential to refer to Fiverr's most recent ToS and guidelines for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Here's a general overview of the key points regarding video testimonials and reviews on Fiverr:

1. **Fiverr's ToS**: Fiverr has strict policies against fake testimonials, reviews, or any form of manipulation of feedback on the platform. It is against their ToS to request or provide fake or misleading testimonials.

2. **Genuine Testimonials**: If you want to request a video testimonial from a client, it should be a genuine reflection of their experience working with you on Fiverr. The client should voluntarily create and submit the testimonial without any form of coercion or incentive.

3. **Transparency**: If you do obtain a video testimonial from a client, it's essential to make it clear that the testimonial is genuine and not fabricated in any way. Misleading or fraudulent testimonials can result in severe consequences on the platform.

4. **Incentives**: Fiverr prohibits offering financial incentives or any form of compensation to clients in exchange for positive reviews or testimonials. This includes discounts, free services, or any other type of reward.

5. **Fiverr's Review System**: Fiverr has its own review system, and the platform monitors reviews and testimonials for authenticity. Any violation of their review policies can lead to account suspension or removal.

6. **Third-Party Platforms**: If you want to use client testimonials in your gig descriptions or marketing materials, ensure that you have the necessary permissions and that the testimonials comply with Fiverr's ToS.

7. **Consult Fiverr Support**: If you have specific questions or concerns about obtaining and using video testimonials on Fiverr, it's advisable to reach out to Fiverr's customer support or refer to their community guidelines for the most accurate guidance.

To avoid any violations of Fiverr's ToS, it's essential to maintain transparency, encourage genuine feedback from your clients, and refrain from any actions that could be seen as manipulating the review system. Keep in mind that platform policies can change, so always check the latest guidelines provided by Fiverr to ensure compliance.

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