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How do I get the order?


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On 3/18/2023 at 3:38 PM, sharifa156 said:

I am Sharifa Akter and I recently join on Fiverr. Few days ago I create a new Gig .Please check my gig and shear your Experience.

My Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/sharifa156/elementor-expert-elementor-pro-wordpress-developer-landing-page-wordpress-websit

1. If you're an experienced web developer you need to show your portfolio.  Templates don't cut it these days. 

2. Your offering a landing page for $5?  This tells me that again your using templates, which in essence is just data entry.  If you offer unlimited revisions on your sites, then for $5 you will be working for free.

3. Don't say you're fluent in English when you're not. Your gig and gig images are littered with spelling errors

4. The potential customers you have don't know or care what Bootstrap, Html5, CSS etc.. are, if they did they wouldn't be buying a site for $5

5. 1 month FREE support?  That implies that you're desperate for the sale and you will clear up the mess after?  

What compelling reason have you given for someone to buy from you as opposed to the 60.000 other web developers on Fiverr? 

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