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From nothing to everything... Fiverr made me cry🥲🥲🤑


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I celebrated my 5-year milestone on Fiverr after making the bold decision to quit my job in 2018 and embrace a full-time freelancing career as a UI/UX designer.

I eagerly awaited my first order, which finally arrived after a month. During this time, I remained active on Fiverr, diligently checking my statistics and growth charts. I set my prices quite low initially, prioritizing the acquisition of my first customer and positive reviews over pricing.

Three months into my journey, I achieved the status of a Level 1 designer, and within the next two months, I advanced to become a Level 2 designer. Witnessing my progress and earning approximately $1,000 per month from around 20 orders fueled my excitement.

After a year on Fiverr, I reached the coveted Top Rated Seller status in 2019, a milestone that boosted my motivation. The year 2020 became the pinnacle of my Fiverr journey, where I reaped the rewards of my hard work, earning an impressive $4,000 per month.

Fiverr has been my platform for success, and I continue to thrive in this space. My advice to all aspiring freelancers: patience and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction are key. Prioritize good ratings and client feedback, and success will follow.

Thank you and happy freelancing!

Best regards,
Vishnu Gupta

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