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What should be done to get orders after publishing the gig?



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1 hour ago, sakhaet_hosen said:

What should be done as a new seller to get clicks, impressions, and orders after publishing the gig? And how can gigs be ranked?

@frank_d wrote several articles to help sellers understand how Fiverr works so that they can use that knowledge to help them increase sales. You can read the articles here:





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To get orders after publishing a gig on a platform like Fiverr You have to do some work:

First of All you have to follow the below instruction. like-
1. Promote Your Gig: Share it on social media, forums, and relevant websites to increase visibility. it can help you to get  an order.

2. Optimize Tags and Keywords: Use relevant keywords and tags in your gig description to improve search ranking.it also the another away. it can help you to get  an order.

3. Engage with Potential Clients: Respond promptly to inquiries, provide excellent customer service, and showcase your expertise to build trust. It is a most important part to get a more order.

If you follow the mentioned instruction , I hope that you can easily fulfill your dream.

Thank you for read this.

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