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No Order but many Impression and Click


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  • graphics_xpert8 changed the title to How to improve and get more order on fiverr.
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2 minutes ago, graphics_xpert8 said:

My gig has too many Impression and Click but i don't get any order during last two months.
Can anyone tell me whats the reason? 

Why are you lying? I can clearly see that you are getting your orders regularly even you have delivered your order 16 hours ago? What's the problem?

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On 9/2/2023 at 9:43 AM, graphics_xpert8 said:

My order ratio is too low now. before 2 months ago there was too many orders according to the Impression and click. Hope you can understand it

Forget your impressions and clicks for now. You are getting orders so focus on delivering quality services. 

Your gig seems to be pushed back in search results because of one 3.7* and one 4.3* reviews With those reviews, you might have received negative private reviews as well. This is the reason that you are getting less orders (according to you). 

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3 minutes ago, smartdezigns said:

focus on delivering quality services. 

This is 100% the problem we see over and over. They complain about getting no orders, and the silly advice is always, stay online and do SEO.  They don't even consider quality of services especially against established sellers.  It seems everyone just assumes that their services are perfect, and ask, "what could possibly be the reason." Quality does not even exist as an option in their universe. Hence, no orders. 

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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