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Anyone know how to increase impression legally? atleast getting 100 impression in a day


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I saw several other freelancers easily get orders even though he just became a seller within 2-3 months and has become level 1 (with more than 20 orders). whereas I really try to get at least 100 impressions a day consistently. I've been focusing on being a seller since November 2022 and have completed 12 orders at this time (I think it's very slow compared to some new people 😕)

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It might seem low in comparison to some, but that's a very, very small 'some'. I assure you, getting any orders, especially in a super-competitive category like shirt design (28,777 services available), is very good. Your niche is on the smaller side too (comparatively), both in supply and demand (sellers and buyers), so that you've gotten orders at all is fantastic.

Could it be better? Yes, but that's why it's a good idea to have a presence on multiple freelancing platforms. 

As for your gigs, the samples are very tiny, and hard to see at thumbnail size, which is how people will first see them in the search results. 

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