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Hi guys I notice that my gig impressions aren't updated every time despite the fact that I am online for a long time and there is no upadate until modify the gig. That made me confused wether there is something unabled. Can you suggest what should I do at this situation and thanks for all.

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On 8/29/2023 at 2:37 PM, mohawb said:

I notice that my gig impressions aren't updated every time 

Firstly, gig statistics only update once a day, at 0000-GMT. If you are editing your gigs around that time, i can see how you may have attributed a false correlation. 

In general, only edit your gigs when needed, as Fiverr removes them from search while any changes you made are verified.

2 hours ago, mohawb said:

I would greatly appreciate advice on what to avoid or add. 

I noticed you took the Learn course, so thats a good start. Be aware, though, that it's a bit old, and Fiverr has changed a bit in layout.

Your profile description is a bit long, I'd consider leaving out the schooling bits, as they're not related to the gig service you are offering. Fiverr has changed how gig pages look on desktop, with a Seller's profile description appearing before the gig.

One of the highlighed words in your gig description is a typo, and I spotted another typo in one ofyour gig images. On the topic of highlighting sections of description, it looks rather tacky, especially since the images are mostly rather nice. 


By the way, welcome to the forums. I'd highly recommend reading these:




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