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Never expect getting any order cancellation from your buyer


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Getting any order cancellation on Fiverr is really worst and pathetic. Never expect getting this experience. Your gig is booming when it's getting impression 100+ in a day. But it'll be pathetic when it gets down 200+ in a day. It happens when you once got a cancellation from your potential buyers. 

I have been getting more responses, orders and impression gradually for 3 months. Suddenly, I had to cancel 2 orders and refund to my buyer. As a result, my gig impression gets down day by day and was not getting impression and order for the last 1 month. It's because of my mistake. I took these projects which I know 50%. If I would not take this project then I got a lot projects for the past 5 months and my gig will go to the top ranking. My gig impression was then 8k and its impression was increasing 200+ a day. Can you imagine what's going to be happened? I could get more orders and revenue each and month. 

So, I would like to share this worst experience with my Fiverr's mates so that you don't make the same mistake like me. The positive thing is that my gig impression is now increasing again. But it's taking time more than before. Even I was supposed to get level two in last July but I received this level in this month.

My gig has been done SEO optimized as a result it's organically growing. 

My suggestions for my Fiverr's mates will be 

1. Don't take any project that you can't complete perfectly.

2. Discuss project details clearly with your potential buyers before taking any project or order.

3. Deliver your project on time and never delay on it.

4. Extend the delivery date if you can't complete your project on time.

5. Complete the job as your buyer requested.

Hope this will help for new comers.


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