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Day by day gig clicks are decreasing What should I do?


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Before becoming a master of wordpress you have to know PHP & JavaScript very well. Now a days ReactJS also important for wordpress, specially gutenberg blocks. 

So, you have to know PHP, JavaScript, and ReactJS as well. After that, you have to understand filters and hooks. It's a very important thing in WordPress development. If you know, how to work filters and hooks in WordPress, you will be capable of changing any existing content. 


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Your question is something that gets asked very frequently, actually what the question really means is how you can become useful to a company either as an employee(full time) or as a freelancer to develop advanced skills that can  pay more and you respected for that position.

Advanced skills require a company environment, you ask why ? Well because as I learned when working in  IT companies that some development tools are very expensive and we as individuals simply cannot afford them.

Ever heard of VPN's there is a huge difference in free and paid, ever heard of gitlab, huge difference , every single tool in IT has a premium version and unless we work in a company we cannot learn them.

Other advantage of working in a company is we learn from our peers, things that can take days to learn from tutorials and books, our peers can explain to us so well in just few minutes as they have practical knowledge.

So for advanced knowledge you will have to work in IT company , try and find a way to get hired in a company either as remote employee or if there are any IT firms in your location try and get a job there.

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14 hours ago, sujonmadbor said:

Please give me tips and tricks. 

Some (Including me) would argue that you need to be already advanced to even consider taking money from customers. 

But the best bit of advice I can give you is this. 

Practice - Get feedback - Make the changes - Practice again.

Rinse and repeat.  If what you're doing gets great feedback from people, then don't over complicate it. 

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