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Use Zoom call option to communicate for better sales!!!

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I recently used this "Zoom Call" option that they provide in the chat box for the first time in my Fiverr career. I gave it a try to communicate one of my clients to who had a hard time understanding what I was telling via chat messages, as we found it difficult to mutually understand each other. 

I politely asked if she's free to make a call so that I can explain the issue and she said its okay at that moment. I had a nice and polite talking with her for about 10-15 mins to explain the issue regarding the orientation of the footage that she provided me to edit. Finally she was able to fully understand the issue and I successfully completed the order with a very good review plus a $20 Tip!!

So from my experience, it is a very good but very underrated option that sellers frequently tend not to use to understand what the buyer exactly needs. The Fiverr chat box has no option to reply to each statement the buyer says such as in Messenger or WhatsApp so sometimes it might be difficult to understand the conversation. Hence, this is a great option to come into common terms, improve your buyer satisfaction by letting them know that you thoroughly care of what they expect from you.

Keep in mind that you can't exploit this option, you need to ask their permission to join in to a Zoom call you just can't force them. Don't just straightaway jump into make calls, just use it in occasions where your customer is in a rush and also when there is difficult communication. Also Fiverr keeps recording your entire conversation (audio/video) so they have evidence of wrong doings of either party.

What are the pros?
you can easily get a good mutual understanding
less complicated communication, less rounds of revisions
better customer satisfaction (high BSR) - good review, high chance of a tip, best for your gig rankings 
high chance of repeat buyers

So I guess you got it, why don't you try it?



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