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7 Years on Fiverr: From 3D Models to Family and Beyond!


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Hey Fiverr community! 🎉

I've been part of the Fiverr family for over 7 amazing years, and it's the one platform that's been putting the "money" 🤑 in my pockets! It's such a blast, and I absolutely love every moment of it!

Since joining Fiverr, I've accomplished a lot – got myself a cozy home, tied the knot, and am now a proud parent of 3 adorable kids. Life's definitely treating me well!

The pandemic opened up new doors for online business and freelancing, and it's been inspiring to see so many people jump into this digital world.

Speaking of my Fiverr journey, there's this interesting thing with middlemen. I've been flooded with messages from them, asking for 3D models. Funny thing is, these middlemen seem to be a bit lost – no budget and zero understanding of 3D models! Oh, and there's this specific country (I'll keep it hush-hush) that's got loads of users who've unfortunately been banned due to their actions. Just check the old messages, and you'll see what I mean!

While my order flow has slowed down a bit 🙁, I'm super excited about the new path I'm taking. I will skip this part

Thanks, Fiverr, for being such an awesome part of my journey! Looking forward to what the future holds. 👍😊

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