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my gig n't active yet.


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19 minutes ago, swaybur123 said:

Publish an optimized gig, share the gig on various social media and stay active on Fiverr.

Why don't you implement these suggested tips for yourself? You have been on Fiverr since November 2021 with Zero Sales.

How come you are guiding others when you have Zero Experience? Avoid it as you are not in position to guide others. 🙏

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For new sellers, it is tough to get their first job/project on Fiverr. You have to know how to improve your GIG SEO. This is the first and almost final point.

Online availability may help sellers to get orders but if you are online to refresh your browser then it may waste your time.

So, My suggestion is to learn about gig SEO and explore it.

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As a new seller I am also focusing on most of the times stay active in fiverr. Sharing gigs in Social Media Like fakebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter also. Very important things are Gig optimizations, Picture optimizations,  short & effective titles & Also a killer description. So I will suggest these things .That all I Have learned From Level1,2 & top rated sellers..

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