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A super important tip for sellers to improve sales


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When responding to a gig request,


For example :

I’ve got a help wanted (gig request) posted where I tell the moderator I’m going to complain to customer service.

And not only was it approved but I have 10 offers on it.

2nd example :

I’ve posted for help with my facebook account and I’ve been offered everything from backlinks to google adwords

There are reasons why buyers like me will use the gig request feature. Such as it saves me time and shows me who is actually active on this site. But when a buyer has to sort through a mountain of rubbish then it just makes us angry and we’re less likely to buy from anyone.

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that is a funny story!

I had never imagined what a byuer who posts a request may go through. But, yes, why not. People these days are always in such a hurry that of course a lot do not even read a gig description till the end prior to ordering. And then a long story with lost time begins…

Nice post aaeesha 🙂

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Reply to @happyspace:

It’s hard to describe how angry I get when I receive a mountain of responses that have NOTHING to do with what I posted that I’m looking for. And when there’s too many I usually end up deleting the gig request and try posting it again but with caps lock on…

Or instead of trying to hire someone to do what I need I end up searching the web and find a way to do it myself and therefore NOT buying any gigs.

I’m sure I’m not the only buyer that ends up keeping their money in their pocket

*** ^-^ Update ^-^ ***

It’s stuff like this conversation below

  • ME

    " You responded to my help wanted (gig request) for setting up my facebook profil to better target England and Canada. Are you able to do this or was your interest just a cut and paste that you use for all gig requests?"

  • Seller :

    No sir actually I was trying to post about my work to you.

    I provide Google Adwords Certification for your name or your company name. If you have Google Adwords certification means it will be a great advantage for you so let me know if you liked my services if not means sorry for wasting your time. But your missing a verified certification from Google.
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