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Long time no orders, problem with seller-filtering?


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Just now, evealahin said:

I have been here a while but very tricky to get a first order, please advice on what could be the issue and how to solve? Experienced sellers kindly advice, I would really appreciate it.

Eve Alahinn profile.png

I really, really need help help on this issue. Because I am depending on these gigs for my upkeep <sob>

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I would personally never order (or even spend 1 second of my time) on a profile that would have a dummy profile picture like this:


Not to mention you lied on your profile about your English proficiency, have very poor quality thumbnails, bad titles with grammatical errors and have violated Fiverr terms by displaying the phone number and Gmail on the gig images. You should be happy that at least your profile is live on this platform and not banned.

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