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I Recently Join on Fiverr and Create a GiG


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I've seen your gig... your gig Thumbnail does not look clear!

Create the gig image from Photoshop and export it as high quality. you can ask for help from any graphic designer to create a perfect gig image.

Also, If you want to add a photo in the gig Thumbnail then should use your own photo in the gig Thumbnail.


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General image guidelines:

Upload up to 3 images that represent your Gig.

Images can be samples of your work.

Recommended image size: 1280px x 769px (at 72 DPI)

Minimum image size: 712px x 430px (at 72 DPI)

Resizing images: If you're using a Mac, use Preview.

All images should be owned by you.

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Guest amethystblac_

Keep in mind that it isn't just "an Canva image" that might be the problem. Was the image constructed with good quality uploads, or was it downloaded as a jpg instead of png? These points are huge. Don't use jpg. Also, if you make a smaller image then stretch it to fit a purpose, that creates a mess. 

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