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4 hours ago, lexi_ugc said:

Do I need to place my own watermark on the video or if the watermark feature is on under my gigs will fiverr place their own watermark on the videos?

You can see this link:



The watermark will appear on image delivery previews before the buyer accepts and completes the order.

The watermark will only appear on the following image file types: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. It will not appear on images attached within ZIP files.

I think it only affects image deliveries (so not videos). edit: it does show watermarks in video previews I think (maybe if enabled) but I don't think it will stop them downloading files without them.

Also I wouldn't add a watermark of your own to your delivery as the delivery is supposed to be the completed work and the buyer most likely won't want your watermark on their delivery. You could add watermarks on samples you show to a buyer but don't put it on an actual delivery. You could check with customer support though if you wanted to be sure about this (but I assume Fiverr wouldn't allow it if the buyer didn't know it was going to have a watermark before ordering).

See: https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service?source=footer


Sellers must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Work button (located on the Order page) according to the service that was purchased and advertised on their Gig.


The Deliver Work button may not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines described in these Terms of Service. Using the “Deliver Work” button when an Order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that Order after review, affect the Seller’s rating and result in a warning to Seller.

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