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What is the advantage of coupon on custom gigs



Hello everyone, 


So prehaps i misse something but i don't understand why you would want to add coupon on custom order. Recently i made nearly all my sell on board game desing, since it varies greatly i work only base on custom order. Why would i offer a coupon, who have strict limitation (for exemple i coudn't offer half price on the second order since my coupon can only be set up to 30%), when i can just adjust my offer. Like recently i had a client who order a list of product that would reach 240$ but offer to do it all for 200$, thus effectively doing a 20% reduction. And i manage all that without the use of coupon. 


For me the use of coupon on personalise offer feel like using bottle water to flush your toilet : an expensive (since i need to get a subscription to have them) and limitting  solution to a problem i didn't have in the first place

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