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Is Freelancing Career sustainable ?


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Yes. I've supported my whole family on freelance income for the past 24 years. There is absolutely a possibility to stop or lose income, however. People stop freelancing all the time and go back to a regular job or pursue other interests.

If you're asking whether it's sustainable to rely only on Fiverr for your success... no. Never rely on one source of income as a freelancer.

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"Freelancing Career" is a very general phrase, I assume.
If you mention a specific skill e.g designing, writing, translating, etc, or a specific platform like Upwork or Fiverr, the answer can be always YES, because there is always an end to everything and the world is changing so fast; However, talking about freelancing only as a specific type of working, I believe that most of the in-site jobs will transfer and change to hybrid jobs and then freelancing.
People will understand the convenience of flexibility of this style of working and consequently its outcomes!
So I believe NO, even if something changes even as important as the basics, the freelancing career will last forever and will be sustainable.

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There is a big difference between 'sustainable' and 'stable'.

Freelancing can be sustainable, and the earned income can be enough to sustain an extremely proactive, hard-working and go-getter, skilled, adaptable, diversified, long-term planner, wise budgeter/saver.

HOWEVER! Freelancing is incredibly unstable. If a person is not proactive about seeking out the next job, if they're lackadaisical or antipathetic, if they don't know what their doing, if they don't and/or can't identify opportunities/threats and adjust, if they are over reliant on one source of leads, if they cannot plan ahead more than a year, if they cannot save for lean seasons, then no: freelancing is not sustainable.

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If you are working on data-entry, typing type of jobs which are very common and do not require much expertise. Any newbie can wake up some day and call himself a data entry expert because it does not require any expertise and skill set---in these cases, there is no sustainability at all.

Even in other industries, you can definitely sustain but sooner or later you may see a decline in revenue due to the AI craze and frequent changes in the industry. But if you are able to keep yourself on top of the charts and keep yourself updated with the industry standards, you are good to go, but yes, there is always a little risk and “just one single platform" is never a safe option.

The risk factor is everywhere, even in corporate jobs. Just keep yourself on top and keep upgrading your skills with the latest tools and technology.

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When ChatGPT was launched I read many articles saying that a major storm in IT industry is coming and that the AI bots will take away many jobs in IT industry. So here are a few examples.

In Podcast, I do regular podcasts and buzzsprout is a major podcast host, recently they launched an AI host tool, that can generate title, description and other options with AI, however people want it free and are unwilling to pay extra cost why , because now users are getting better at how to use better prompts with AI bots. So you can imagine people are getting better to get articles written by AI bots and even do many small work for which they would hire or pay some IT guy.

Flexjobs is famous  recruiting firm in USA for remote jobs for decades, they are seeing a steady decline in last 12 months and market getting very difficult.

Overall there is a steady decline in demand for various kinds of jobs, and it is because more and more people are buying premium AI bots package and using various courses being offered to use them effectively.


In IT industry in particular if people have to make a small app or a website, the AI chatbot provides good support.

Even in big IT companies , when I had not switched to Fiverr a few months back , each and every employee was using chatGPT, it was not an indication of their lack of knowledge rather the opposite, why waste time on something that has already been done a thousand times before, instead of getting stuck take help of AI bots.

But eventually when AI bots become more useful then humans , humans will start getting replaced.

Therefore freelancing can be beneficial if you can yourself leverage these AI bots well and are able to develop a skill that will require human intervention in a large way.

Else forget about freelancing, the job market in general will get hit in a big way slowly but steadily.

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On 8/28/2023 at 2:55 AM, shuvo_va said:

I want to know is there any possibility to stop or lost this career?

Hope you already know, it's sustainable for career or not.

but I just want to add one more thing: health. If you have good work experience and maintain your health properly, you can continue freelancing for a long time. But if you don't care about your health, you will face many problems and may not be able to continue freelancing anymore.

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Freelancing offers many benefits that can help sustain your career in the long run. Consider the flexibility it offers when it comes to work-life balance. As a freelancer, you have more control over your schedule and workload, allowing you to balance your work and personal life in a way that suits you best.
And I thank Fiverr from my heart that many freelancers working on Fiverr have become successful and have a good career.

Thanks to Fiverr and Fiverr forum Community

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On 8/27/2023 at 5:55 PM, shuvo_va said:

Is Freelancing Career sustainable? I want to know is there any possibility to stop or lost this career?

It is for sure! I've been audio producer and session musician since 2005 in various ways. Sometimes sites like Fiverr benefits you and sometimes don't , For example the elimination of Buyers Requests really downsized my bussiness here. But be aare of not work only on oen source or in only one way. Try to spread as much as you can! And the most important thing, do what you do best and what you love if you have the opportunity!

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39 minutes ago, creativemuzamil said:

If someone is earning $3,000 per month on Fiverr, how can they maintain a consistent income?"

Freelancing is synonymous with inconsistent. In most cases at least. Unless you have only clients that work with you every month and they always purchase the same thing over and over, there's no way to earn exactly the same every single month. In most cases, some months will be better than others. It's the reality of freelancing and business in general. If you want consistent earnings, get a job. If you are willing to risk it and have your own freelancing business, expect inconsistent earnings. 

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