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Cant connect Payonerr Card


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Im trying to connect my #Fiverr account to existing Payoneer card. After submit application i received this email;

“We see that you already have a Payoneer account.

While Payoneer offers the option to work with multiple accounts, we currently support only one card per customer.

In order to save additional fees by receiving payments from your multiple accounts into one card, please follow the link below to add your new account to your existing Payoneer card:

Link Accounts

Please note that you will be granted the option to use your existing Payoneer card for multiple accounts instead of ordering a new card.”

Now my Fiverr account Revenues section Payoneer button disable and seen this message (Picture attached).

I really need add my Payoneer card to Fiverr account.

Can you help me anyone? Please tell me what i do next?

It’s great support for me…



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