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Help me please. please give me a regular job. last 1 year didn't active fiverr. Now I'm active 24/7.


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You are far from alone.

I've completed almost 900 jobs on Fiverr over the past several years and I'm lucky if I get a job once or twice a month now.

That's just the way things are for a lot of us on this platform.

Keep promoting your services and don't quit your day job as it may be the best job you've ever had, even if it doesn't seem that way today.

Good luck.

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10 hours ago, ab_mahmud said:

Staying active all the time has nothing to do with jobs or orders etc. Without showing portfolio via gig gallery, you won't be able to get any order. Work on optimizing your gigs i.e. add some of your work in gig gallery and improve gig descriptions as well.

Also, read the following topics:


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