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Showcasing Portfolio on Fiverr


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3 hours ago, faheemuddin121 said:

Also @vickieito ma'am, my gig is getting impressions and clicks, but no orders. Can you kindly give me some advise regarding this matter

Hi @faheemuddin121, if you are getting impressions and clicks, that means Fiverr is showing you in search and your gig is interesting enough that buyers are clicking on it. However, once they visit your site, they leave and decide to place an order with your competition. So I think your focus on improving your portfolio is a great start - put together a gig video for each of your gig that clearly describes the services you offer and showcases the app development that you can do.

Also, use all the features that Fiverr provides you with, such as the FAQs. This allows you to anticipate what questions your buyers will have and answers them so that they aren't going to another seller who is answering their questions. If buyers are contacting you, that means you are starting to connect with potential customers. Pay attention to what they ask for in the inbox chats because that will tell you want is working (and what isn't). It'll also give you ideas for what future gigs and services you could set up to increase your sales. By listening to the buyers in my inbox, I was able to set up 7 gigs that allowed me to get an average of 4-5 orders from each buyer. These were services that they were asking for and services that I knew I could deliver on.

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