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Best Strategy For Getting Tips!

Guest samix1990

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Guest samix1990

Isn’t This Amazing? 🙂

So at this moment I want to share My Point of View of getting tips 🙂

Tip 01 For Getting Tips#

Always deliver better and more than your buyer’s expectation 😉 Like in my case when I make a Video Testimonial I make 3 or 4 videos usually in different moods and styles so that my buyer selects the best out of it. This is helpful in 3 cases.

Case # 01 - Your Buyer Will be very much happy and will must leave a great positive feedback for you.

Case # 02 - Your Buyer will be very happy and your good work will always be in his mind and he will come back again.

Case # 03 - Your Buyer may leave a tip for you if he is really really happy for you. 🙂 :-bd

Tip 02 For Getting Tips#

Make a separate Tip Gig. Always link your delivered work with your tip gig. 😉 PLEASE!!! Don’t Beg for a tip !!! [-X

Just link your delivered work Like example When I delievr my work than at the end of message I mention as a sign

( If you are happy with my hard work and want to leave a tip for my job well done…

I would really be very happy 🙂 URL : _______________________________________)) 😉

Most buyers are generous and love to tip you for a well done job. So let them know that you happily accept tips 😉

I hope My post be helpful for everyone. <:-P

Do leave your feedback 🙂



Sam. 😉

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Thank you for your great tips.

Let me continue your TIPS for GETTING TIPS with a BENEFIT.

When you get TIP form a Buyer on a separate GIG which is dedicated for TIPs only.

You just not only gets MONEY but those buyers leave you a feedback there as well. So it help improve your rating.

So you are getting AGAIN MONEY + POSITIVE REVIEWS for the work you already Deliver.

I don’t ask for TIP, i rather ask to Buy me a Cup of Coffee for my Hard Work Delivered 😛 lol - You will get the idea from this GIG: http://fiverr.com/bitbyteworld/let-you-buy-me-a-cup-of-coffee

And yes Write just once when you deliver, do not BEG for tips. Just mention at the end of your message and the buyer will definitely read that.

HOPE all these tips will help NEW SELLERS.

Once Again Thanks @samix1990

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Guest samix1990

Reply to @bitbyteworld: You are Welcome my friend for your addition, and yes there are different ways to get tips some ask for tips, others ask for a mug of coffee or a HOT ZINGER Lol 😃

Best Of luck 🙂

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Guest samix1990

Reply to @cailin1828: Dear there are some people like this who don’t care of your hardwork. If your buyer is asking for more then you offer than what i do in those situations is that I ask them to buy more gigs as required, but if they say they don’t have $$$'s then I simply say them one line to make them happy " Dear Its Ok I don’t work for money here but this is my passion, I’ll give you this one thing in FREE as a discount :)" The buyer will not tip you then but yes he’ll leave some excellent feedback that will help you in sales 🙂

I give them discount if I am in profit but if you think that your buyer is demanding just very very very much from you and you can’t deliver them that much, then simply demand for a Mutual Cancellation 🙂 If that also not works then Finally Contact @CUSTOMER SUPPORT . They will surely get you out of this trouble 🙂

Second thing dear is that the tips I gave above doesn’t apply to all the buyers because everyone has a different nature and all the five fingers are not same, But yes My tips apply to Maximum buyers 🙂

I hope you get my point 🙂


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Hi All!

Since we are sharing “TIPS for tips”, I figured I would put out the strategy we use.

In agreeance with @bitbyteworld - I don’t necessarily label it as a “TIP”. I refer to my “TIP” gig as a “High Fiverr”. I include the link ONLY with a delivered GIG and do not mention it prior, nor after the intial delivery. I also reference specifc uses for the funds (which we comply with!), as opposed to just asking for additional money (Ron eats a LOT of pizza!).

I also do not just ask for the “High Fiverr”, but I state it as an “either / or” proposition with our delivery.

Something to this effect:

"If you feel that we have delivered over and above your expectations, please feel free to visit our “High Fiverr” link below:


If you feel that our delivery did not meet your expectations, please let us know how we can improve!"

This prompts the buyer to mentally make a decision on whether or not they feel we did a good job and act accordingly.

I also use the actually GIG to display some of our recent works (with video), as we provide a lot of audio GIGs and they are not the easiest to include in our Live Portfolio, unless we create an individual video for each delivery.

Feel free to visit our “High Fiverr” link and check it out to base some of your own TIP gig ideas off of!



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