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Do not edit your gig unless you will lose your rank.


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Hello everyone!
Hope all are very happy with the great time in fiverr. I am not much happy at this time. Because my time on fiverr is not so good. I think time will change in a while. However, Today I just upset with one thing that my gig fiverr gig got de-ranked several times. First of I wanted to increase my pricing and one suggested me, changing price will not affect gig ranking. But alas! I lost my gig rank and long-time didn't get any order. Second time, I tried to change delivery time as I am getting more order and can't deliver orders in time. That's why I need to change. But this time also I lost my gig rank. Now, I am not getting orders anymore! 

I don't know what to do now. But if someone have any suggestions to rank this gig again and also what to do not to lose my gig rank, it will help me much.
At this time, I think editing gig is not a good idea.

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